The team

This project has been created and coordinated by the artist Jupiterfab ( and it is one of his projects focused on communities.

Jupiterfab is an Italian visual and sound artist focused on the study of human beings, aesthetically and emotionally. In his visual works, he mixes realism with expressionism to represent the masks worn by each of us.

In the last 8 years Jupiterfab has lived in Barcelona, Rotterdam and Toronto, and has collaborated with art galleries in various countries as well as a number of public institutions, such as the Court of Justice of Rotterdam and the University of Toronto.

His visual works are realistic and contemporary, and their main subjects are always human beings. His self-taught background, thorough observation of urban life, and anthropological perspective are reflected in his works, which mix realism and expressionism in a unique and deeply personal painting style, depicting the feelings and emotions underlying ordinary actions.

His work with sound includes documentaries and sound installations, driven by the idea that our sense of sound is important but often underestimated, absorbed as we are by massive visual bombardment. The sounds we encounter vary from city to city, and within different areas of the same city, differing in terms of the nature of the sounds themselves, as well as the volumes and decibels at which they exist.

He mainly works on two lines: public projects about communities and installations/exhibitions in galleries and public spaces.

Under the title “Communities’ human identity,” the artist has developed a number of projects designed to emphasize the importance of both diversity and the individual in an increasingly globalized world. The aim is to highlight how each community has something which sets it apart from the rest, in terms of its territory, culture, habits, rituals and, last but not least, people. Art is used as a tool to strengthen the sense of community and to give voice on the outside to the needs/problems the community have.

“In the City: from Black and White to Color” emphasized how people live in urban areas, showing the contrast between the harshness and commotion of the city and human feelings. We are too concerned with ourselves, following consumerist messages and superficial needs, to realize that we are surrounded by other people with emotions. We tend then to protect our feelings and vulnerabilities, putting on an “urban mask”.

The project combines the visual and sound. The visual works immortalize people in groups, in the city, during the course of normal and, at first glance, “insignificant” daily actions. Jupiterfab reinterprets the scenes without filters, focusing on expressions and feelings of a specific moment, showing a story behind each face. The painter shows reality as it is, capturing a specific moment, and giving the audience the opportunity and time to explore it through the faces and the expressions of each character.

The sound work is an amplification of the sound recordings made in cities. Different sounds, particular to a city, are compressed and arranged with various pauses and volumes, and speakers are positioned at different points within the exhibition space, in order to make the audience feel enveloped and pressurized by the city’s sounds.

Together with Jupiterfab, there are some professionals coming from different fields and countries, most of them based in Poblenou’s neighbourhood.

Nowpoblenou: Jupiterfab and its team:


Jupiterfab Director proyecto -Producció / Entrevistes
Moreno Finotto Productor executiu
Manuel Rey Guionista/Preproducció
Vince Llave Director pelicula /Edició
Pablo Rossi Càmera/Assistent de producció
Alla Shadrova Co-director pelicula /Edició
Andreina Montes Co-Realización y colaboración algunas entrevistas
Laura Gimeno Assistent de Producció/Assistent de so
Dedomenico Andrea Banda sonora/Edició de so
Mercedes gonzalez Director fotografia
Fabian Castillo Fotògraf/Director de fotografia
Sergio Rodrirey Assistent de producció
Aneta kotarska Assistent de producció
Micha Enginyer / Disseny web
Gaston Ficarotti Disseny web
Salvatore Cattogno Documentalista/Assistent de Producció
Sara Brusciano Documentalista/Assistent de Producció
Adria Tècnic de so
Vanessa Ficarotti Assistent de producció